Midori XS Mini Dotted Glue Tape Roller - Black

Stick to the tape with this very small glue tape roller

The glue is a dot type sticking to the sharpness! The thickness of the film is only 12 microns, and the 8-meter roll is small but sturdy. A single-use type glue tape.

Transparent head that makes it easy to see the beginning of the pull. If the head is transparent, it is easy to see where to pull the glue from.

Sharp dot type glue! Since the glue is dot-shaped, it can be cut easily without stickiness when the glue is finished. Small and fits in your hand. The unique form that fits in your hand when you hold it is the result of repeated improvements in shape and structure. It can be pulled with a light force and has a sense of stability.

One side of the case is transparent, so you can easily see how much is left! After using it for a while, the remaining amount of glue gradually becomes a concern. You can see the remaining amount at a glance by looking at the transparent surface of the case. This will prevent the glue from breaking during use.

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